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With pH7CMS, everyone can start their own Dating or Social Networking Website!

We have created one of the most powerful software, one of the best and most powerful coded exists. Moreover, it is 100% Open Source and Free*

  • Open Source, Free, Customizable and Modern

    Our software is free and 100% open source so you can personalize the infinite, but also and above all help to contribute to this great project. Also create themes in an innovative way so that you should write as little code as possible for maximum customization.

  • Pictures, Videos, Chat, Instant Messaging, Games, ...

    Our social dating software includes many modules to distract users and allow to return again and again to your site.

  • Security and Spam Protection

    Our software has a lot of protection against spam, brute-force attack and an unique protection system against spam that helps to fight against the most unwanted users.

  • Modern Responsive Design

    Get more visitors from any devices with our software. We have created a next generation design which is compatible with all modern SmartPhones.

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Freshest News about pH7CMS

We believe that our dating software is really, really one of the best for “experienced webmasters” or “programmers”! Test it, share and contribute with us!

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